Pico Electronics

PICO50year PICO. The big name in small components. We develop miniature and ultra-miniature units that meet the high quality and reliability specifications of military and commercial flight applications and all other critical applications.

When Pico Electronics was founded in 1967, transformers and converters were still quite large, and not terribly efficient. Our mission was to change that. It wasn't long before we became THE ultra-miniature inductor and transformer resource for anything that requires power conversion.

We then applied our miniaturization expertise into DC-DC power converters and AC-DC power supplies, becoming a recognized leader in high power voltage (up to 10,000 volts) DC-DC output. Today, we offer ultra-miniature, high power (up to 300 watts) units, as well as regulated, programmable and dual output packages. DC input voltages range from 5 to 380 volts; AC input is universal.

Engineering and Application Requests Pricing Assistance and Ordering Information Certifications Pico continues to push the envelope, in both high voltage and miniaturization. Which is why our DC converters, transformers and inductors can be found everywhere from single-engine aircraft to the Mars Sojourner mission. As always, for miniature size and maximized reliability, Pico goes above and beyond for your requirements.