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1000 Watt AC-DC Converter
Single or 3 Phase AC Input


PICO's HPHA1 is the perfect front end for your universal AC for your single phase or 3 phase input / DC output applications.  The standard 2.5" x 4.6" x 0.5" footprint is one of the smallest on the market today in this power range.  Providing a 365V regulated DC output, it can be used as a front end for PICO's FD/MD/LFD/LMD/LPD/PD and HPD series of DC-DC converters which can provide from 3.3V to 300V DC.  Also, many laser and motor applications are able to use the HPHA1's 365V DC output directly.  For different output voltages, and for Special 2000 Watt Models, please consult factory.

  • Meets EN/IEC 61000-3-2 Requirements
  • Universal Input Voltage (47 to 440Hz) (85 to 250V AC) or 208V AC ±20%.  Line-To-Line Three Phase Input Standard
  • Output Power: 1000W (Derate from 110V AC to 85V AC at the rate of 1.2% per volt)
  • Power Factor:  0.99 (from 50% to 100% FL)
  • Synchronizing Pin: For systems needing synchronization, a 100 KHz synchronizing signal is available.
  • Enable Pin: For preventing your Pico DC-DC Converter from turning on until the output of the HPHA1 is within acceptable limits.  Connected directly to the Shut Down Pin of PICO's LP/P/HP DC-DC modules, the enable pin will keep the DC-DC module off until the HPHA1's output is within acceptable limits.  If the DC-DC module is supplying heavy loads, this means this won't allow the DC-DC Converter to turn on at <300 volts input, where the HPHA1 would have to supply current of I=Power/Vout.
  • Efficiency:  90% or better (95% minimum from 170 to 250V AC or for three phase input)
  • Cost:  Only $396.53 (Quantity: 1 to 99 pieces).
Full Electrical Specifications:
NOTE: Regulated 365V DC Output can be used directly for many Motor, Laser, and Direct Drive applications.
  • Universal Input Voltage (47 to 440 Hz): From 85 to 250V AC.
    • NOTE:  For 110/220V AC operation, make no connection to "AC3" terminal.
  • Derated output power below 110V AC (see "Output Power " below)
  • Power Factor will be diminished for frequencies greater than 60 Hz.  For special requirements, consult factory.
  • For Best Efficiency, operation from 170 to 250V AC recommended.  (Typical efficiency is 90% for 110V AC input / 95% for 220V AC input)
  • Three Phase Input: 208V AC ±20% line-to-line three phase input
  • Output Power: 1000 Watts maximum output.  For line voltage between 110V AC to 85V AC, output power must be derated at the rate of 1.2% per volt. (Example: at a line voltage of 95V AC: Pout=1000W-1000W*(1.2%/V)*(110-95)=1000-1000*.18=820Watts Max.)
  • Output Voltage Tolerance at Full Load: ±2%
  • Operating Frequency: 100KHz
  • Operating Temperature: 0ºC to +85ºC baseplate with not power rating required.
  • Required Output Capacitor: 800µF to 1200µF recommended at 1000W.  This will guarantee ripple voltage less than 10Vpp. 
    • NOTE:  Output Capacitor must be connected or the Power Supply will be damaged.
  • Isolation:
    • Input to Output:  None
      Input/Output to Baseplate:  2121V DC
  • Load Regulation:  (10% to 100% Load ±3%)
  • Thermal Shutdown: 90 to 100ºC Baseplate
  • Short Circuit Protection: The HPHA1 requires a 15 Amp Fast-Blow fuse in series with the input.
  • Weight: 231 grams Typical

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(1) To HPHA1 Chassis or No Connection
(2) D1 Not needed for single DC-DC Module, for Multiple DC-DC Modules.
(3) Damage to unit will occur without C1 = 450 VDC 800 - 1500 µF (Electrolytic Capacitor External). Capacitor can be paralleled for desired capacitance (1500 µF Max). Connect C1 directly to output terminals using separate traces for load connections.
*(4) PICO compatible units include LPD/LMD/FD and MD Series. (Expanded operating temperature LFD/LMD/FD and MD Series).

PICO recommends using an output capacitor large enough in value to limit the ripple voltage to 10Vpp. For the LPHA1, LPHA and HPAHA1 Models, the following formula can be used to calculate the necessary cpacitance for Vpp of 10V for any output power. Assume line frequency of 60 Hz and VO nominal of 365 V Efficiency of 90%.




HPHA1 Series Thermal Resistance
(Trca) of case to Air


With Heatsink
With Heatsink
Free Air
200 LFM
400 LFM
600 LFM
800 LFM
1000 LFM
*In units ºC/W
To convert from LMF (linear feet per minute), you need to multiply
the LFM number by the cross sectional area of the fan (in square

Thermal Derating Examples:

Use the equation from application notes,
From Table 1, get Trca): Tcase-Tambient=Trca
*Pout*(¹/n - 1)

1)  What is the maximum output power from HPHA1 module
in a 25ºC ambient if the efficiency is 90% and the case temperature
is not to exceed 85ºC?

a) in free air, no heatsink (From Table 1, use Trca=5.10)

Pout = (85ºC-25ºC) / 5.1*(¹/0.9 - 1) =105.8 Watts

b) in 200 LFM airflow, with CH heatsink:
From Table 1: use Trca=1.00):

Pout=(85ºC-25ºC) / 1.0*(¹/0.9 - 1) = 540 Watts

c) in 1000 LFM airflow, with CH heatsink
(From Table 1, use Trca =  0.40)

Pout = (85ºC - 25ºC) / 0.40*(¹/0.9 - 1)  = 1350 Watts

(However, Pout=1000 Watts maximum for HPHA1 module)

2) in 400 LFM airflow, with CH heatsink:
from Table 1: use Trca = 0.70):

/\T = 0.7*600*(¹/0.9 - 1) = 46.7ºC

Tambient = 85ºC - /\T = 38.3ºC

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